Phos is a small independent press. We read and write, not to escape reality and life but to celebrate it. We read and write to experience grand-scale ideas and human values brought to life with colorful imagination!

These include sci-fi and fantasy epics about heroic individuals with a strong sense of life, comic fantasy with a sense of humor about the sometimes ridiculous world we live in or non-fiction accessible by anyone willing to learn about philosophy, science and technology!

We seek to spark reason and passion with our stories, whether they come as fiction or non-fiction.

Our Brand and Vision

“Phos” is Greek for light and the logo is a combination of a white flame surrounded by water. Hence, we evoke the values we seek to achieve with our work. Light, truth and passion as symbolized by the white flame and cool-headed reason and rationality as symbolized by the blue water surrounding it.

The Authors

Phos publishes the works of independent authors with the pen names Ash Scriver and Ed Scriver. We are authors, indie publishers & book lovers.

When you buy directly with us, via this website, we get to keep all of the royalties instead of sharing a big chunk of it with big book retailers like Amazon. Hence, you get a better deal on prices on our website and the extra bits of income help us make a living as indie-published authors!

But of course, we are just as pleased when our customers buy our books from their favorite bookstores. We publish and distribute wide!


We are currently not open to submissions from other authors.